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Not usable with iOS 13 devices

On iPhones or iPads running iOS version 13 it was not possible to interact with the web client.

RDP: Problems when printing and reduced performance in version 1.0.0-4

In some situations browser and web client didn't use the faster web sockets for communication.

New common base image for all apps with updated software components

Minor bugfixes and improvements

At least version 7.1-0.6 required

In order to use this version of the app, a base system with release 7.1-0.6 or newer is required.

RDP: Support for Network Level Authentication (NLA)

With the new release, access to RDP servers that require NLA is also possible. With NLA, the webclient will prompt for user credentials before connecting to the server.
If you have disabled NLA in your RDP server recently, just to be able to access it with the webclient, we would like to ask you to re-enable NLA now. You have to change both, the configuration of your RDP server and the parameters of the webclient connection.
New options are now available for the "Security" parameter when configuring an RDP webclient connection. Select "NLA+TLS" to enforce NLA. The new default value is "Server". With this setting, the webclient will automatically select the mode required by the server.

VNC: Access to password protected servers

Enable the new "Password" option in the VNC connection configuration if you want to access a password protected server.

Re-designed login screen

Minor bugfixes and improvements

Disabled automatically fitting to browser window

In previous releases the content was scaled when re-sizing the browser window. In particular when enabling the on-screen keyboard, it became difficult to read the content. Now scrollbars are used by default. During a session you can restore the old behaviour via the menu.

Added hint on home page to keyboard shortcut for opening session menu

Minor bugfixes and improvements

Adaption to release 7.1-0.1

Initial release


DEFENDO forces a collection of best-of-breed security modules like firewall, VPN, proxies, virus scanner and anti spam system to interact for one purpose:
To be protected from all online threats and unwanted contents like malicious code, spam and hacker attacks.


Each IT scenario is different. The DEFENDO product family will adapt precisely to your demands.
DEFENDO applies for simple internet connections of small companies, for headquarters / branch office WANs, as well as for complex multi-tiered firewall systems.

More good reasons

  • No backdoors
  • More than 20 years of Internet security experience
  • Award-winning product
  • Support by our development engineers
  • Reseller loyalty
  • Made in Germany