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Daily Tasks

Since version 7.1-3-0, the daily tasks, such as creating the statistics or rotating the log files, etc., were no longer performed.

WLAN security flaw FragAttacks

On devices with WLAN extension, the update protects the WLAN protocol stack against FragAttacks.

Certificate requests via ACME protocol

Requesting new certificates with ACME (Let's Encrypt) failed in 7.1-3.0. The new version of the tool used to interact with the ACME server wasn't able to verify the server's certificate.

VPN setup packages for Windows

The installation of IPsec-L2TP and OpenVPN setup packages for Windows (*.exe) which had been created with version 7.1-3.0 failed.

Sending mails with the Groupware App in version 4.x

In 7.1-3.0 sending emails from within the Groupware App failed if a 4.x release of the groupware was installed.

SPAM filter rules with any characters

Userdefined SPAM filter rules used to support ASCII characters only. Now any character is possible.

Verification of mail server certificates with DANE

It's not feasible to enable the verification of the destination server certificate whenever a mail server forwards a mail to an other mail server, as many mail servers have no valid certificate. With DANE, the operator of a mail server may publish in DNS that and how the certificate of his mail server may be verified. Support for the DANE variant DANE-EE may now be enabled in the mail server configuration.

Recording network dumps

In menu "Monitoring > Network > Tools" you can now create packet dumps. You can download a dump as pcap file or view the dump in text format.

Minor bugfixes and improvements


DEFENDO forces a collection of best-of-breed security modules like firewall, VPN, proxies, virus scanner and anti spam system to interact for one purpose:
To be protected from all online threats and unwanted contents like malicious code, spam and hacker attacks.


Each IT scenario is different. The DEFENDO product family will adapt precisely to your demands.
DEFENDO applies for simple internet connections of small companies, for headquarters / branch office WANs, as well as for complex multi-tiered firewall systems.

More good reasons

  • No backdoors
  • More than 20 years of Internet security experience
  • Award-winning product
  • Support by our development engineers
  • Reseller loyalty
  • Made in Germany