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Finally confirmed by highly demanded Trust Seal: Linogate provides "IT Security made in Germany"

Soon after Linogate's foundation as a vendor of IT security gateways, we determined two obligatory product attributes:
  • 1. DEFENDO never transmits data automatically to its vendor. The only exception are downloads of updates where DEFENDO identifies itself with its license number and hardware ID.
  • 2. It will not provide any known backdoors
In retrospect, we couldn't meet todays demands for IT security, with all the well-grounded distrust against public and secret services, any better than this! That leads us to the question: Why should one invest quite alot of time and money to install a security gateway, if a couple of non-trustworthy organisations WILL have access to scan and distribute all the data found?
Not so at DEFENDO, because
  • only DEFENDO customers decide when to set up a connection and what will be tranferred and
  • we are not active in the US market, since all gateway vendors selling into the states have to set up a backdoor and shall dispose it upon according notice by the authorities
In order to emphasize those remarkable quality features for UTM gateways in an appropriate manner, Linogate has been permitted to carry the official "IT Security made in Germany" trust seal granted by the TeleTrusT-IT Security Association Germany.
Linogate covers all the criteria requested by the Association to the full extent - and even a bit beyond! Our attribute 1., the "no phoning home", was not subject to be requested.


DEFENDO forces a collection of best-of-breed security modules like firewall, VPN, proxies, virus scanner and anti spam system to interact for one purpose:
To be protected from all online threats and unwanted contents like malicious code, spam and hacker attacks.


Each IT scenario is different. The DEFENDO product family will adapt precisely to your demands.
DEFENDO applies for simple internet connections of small companies, for headquarters / branch office WANs, as well as for complex multi-tiered firewall systems.

More good reasons

  • No backdoors
  • More than 20 years of Internet security experience
  • Award-winning product
  • Support by our development engineers
  • Reseller loyalty
  • Made in Germany