DEFENDO Groupware

... simply host email, addressbooks and calendars yourself!
You do not trust in cloud based e-mail and groupware solutions at all? But, at the other hand, you don't want to spend a fortune on expensive license, hardware, and maintenance investments?
So, why not give a try to a groupware based on DEFENDO?
It is included in all the standard DEFENDO images, except for "Enterprise-Proxy" and "Enterprise-VPN". Access is provided over a modern, smartphone optimized WEB-GUI.
At an extra charge the Exchange ActiveSync as well as the CardDAV/CalDAV interface might be engaged to connect mail clients like Outlook or smartphones under iOS or Android, directly with the groupware at DEFENDO (licensing by number of DEFENDO users).


In general
Docker-based software container (DEFENDO App)
Requires data base (gratis DEFENDO App)
Access via reverse proxy
Mail stays at DEFENDO's IMAP server and is able to be collected at anytime by a usual mail client
Categorized by star as well as IMAP label with a coloured mark
Delegation of accounts ("Send as")
Mail filter based on sieve (run during email reception)
Address book
Any number of address books per user
Sharing and subscribing of address books with individual assignment of permissions
Import via vCard- and LDIF-format, export via LDIF-format
Categorizing of contacts
Assignment of appointments and tasks
Send and confirm invitations
Any number of calenders per user with choice of colour
Sharing and subscribing of calenders with individual assignment of permissions
Indication and inquiry of free/busy information
Categories by coloured markings
Import and export via ics format


DEFENDO forces a collection of best-of-breed security modules like firewall, VPN, proxies, virus scanner and anti spam system to interact for one purpose:
To be protected from all online threats and unwanted contents like malicious code, spam and hacker attacks.


Each IT scenario is different. The DEFENDO product family will adapt precisely to your demands.
DEFENDO applies for simple Internet connections of small companies, for headquarters / branch office WANs, as well as for complex multi-tiered firewall systems.

More good reasons

  • No backdoors
  • More than 20 years of Internet security experience
  • Award-winning product
  • Support by our development engineers
  • Reseller loyalty
  • Made in Germany