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Are you confronted with legal obligations to archive all your business related email in your country as we are in Germany? If yes, come and take a look at the brand new "DEFENDO mail archive".
BTW: Since email has to be archived in an unchanged format, gathering tons of email in mail boxes on your mail server does not count as archiving. In case of a tax audit mail must also be found quickly and made available to the auditor in the most appropriate format.
Therefore we've paid particular attention toward archiving business relevant email as closely to the original as possible.
  • Virus Scan enjoys priority. Infected mail is subject to being filtered out before being archived
  • Mail quarantined by the mail attachment filter will only be archived after the quarantine status has been lifted
  • Mail categorized as spam will be marked as such within the archive

Do you run S/MIME encryption?

Archiving encrypted mail turns out to be a real challenge. Did you know that S/MIME encrypted mail can only be rendered readable by applying the private key originally used to do the encryption - even if the corresponding certificate has expired years ago? So, did you really take care to save all your old keys reliably? And if the key is protected by a password, is it guaranteed that it's still known, even if the owner of the key has left the company?
By using DEFENDO you will not run into any problems with these issues. Just combine the DEFENDO S/MIME-Gateway - centrally used to automatically encrypt/decrypt mail - with the mail archive. Outgoing mail will be archived before encryption and incoming mail will be decrypted before being archived. Problem solved!


Docker/Podman based software container (DEFENDO App)
Requires database (free DEFENDO App)
Import of mail via network share (.eml format) or via POP3/IMAP4
Export in .eml format to a network share
By DEFENDO mail server while processing the mail
Per Microsoft Exchange journaling
Per SMTP, POP3 or IMAP4 (not recommended)
Optional rules for archiving exceptions, specific retention periods and distribution into archive directories
By network share via SMB protocol (e.g. NAS or Windows share)
AES-256 encryption of archived mail and of database containing meta data
Deduplication of attachments
Protection against manipulation via time stamp service of your choice
Access to archive
Web interface with access via reverse proxy
High performance index server for quick search results
Authentication via DEFENDO, ActiveDirectory or the app's user administration
Optionally with time-based one-time password (TOTP)
Auditor account with full access to the archive (Login optional according to four-eyes principle)
Revisor account (i.e. for tax auditor). Choose between unrestricted and restricted access
Optional data supervisor account for approval of legitimate deletion requests


DEFENDO forces a collection of best-of-breed security modules like firewall, VPN, proxies, virus scanner and anti spam system to interact for one purpose:
To be protected from all online threats and unwanted contents like malicious code, spam and hacker attacks.


Each IT scenario is different. The DEFENDO product family will adapt precisely to your demands.
DEFENDO applies for simple Internet connections of small companies, for headquarters / branch office WANs, as well as for complex multi-tiered firewall systems.

More good reasons

  • No backdoors
  • More than 20 years of Internet security experience
  • Award-winning product
  • Support by our development engineers
  • Reseller loyalty
  • Made in Germany